School-Based Mental Health Conference

March 31, 2017


















There is growing awareness in our society for the need to make the mental health of children and youth a priority. In the past, teachers and schools were viewed as primarily focused on academic development. In a new paradigm shift presented here, a school-based mental health approach recognizes the need for both specialized mental health services for some students and universal services provided in a consultative, collaborative and complementary manner. The latter is especially important given students spend most of their youth in a school setting and not in treatment programs. A school-based mental health approach further maintains that by promoting positive school climate and implementing school-wide programs fostering students’ resilience, coping skills, empathy, compassion, acceptance, self-regulation, and more, mental health problems can be significantly mitigated.

To summarize, the main objectives for the conference are:

To further develop collaborative practices between schools, community organizations and public institutions that enhance positive mental health, promote emotional well-being, resilience, mental health literacy and academic perseverance for children and youth within the Quebec Anglophone school community.

To determine optimal organizational conditions promoting effective school-based mental health orientations and approaches.
To focus on making school based mental health policy and practice sustainable in the long-term.


This conference is for teachers, administrators, and allied professionals working in/with the Quebec Anglophone school community. 


Courtesy of our sponsors, there is no registration fee for participants. A light morning snack and lunch will also be provided. Release funding may be provided for teachers to attend the conference.


Please click here for schedule.


The conference will be held at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Pointe-Claire, QC.

6700 Route Trans-canadienne
Pointe-Claire, QC  H9R 1C2 



This conference is hosted by the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s Centre of Excellence for Mental Health (CEMH) in collaboration with the Community Health and Social Service Network (CHSSN), AMI-Quebec, English Montreal School Board, LEARN’s Community Learning Centers, and the Youth and Parents AGAPE Association.

This conference is sponsored by the Community Health and Social Service Network (CHSSN) and Health Canada.